Batch feed VS Continuous Feed Disposals

Are you searching for a quality garbage disposal and find that every time you start to shop online you see references to terms like “continuous feed” and “batch feed?” Do you find yourself wondering what does that mean? What is the difference? Should you care? In fact, there are some differences between batch feed and continuous feed disposals, and understanding the differences will help you in figuring out what kind of unit you want to install as an appliance in your home. Let us take a closer look at the differences between batch and continuous feed solutions.Batch feed VS Continuous Feed Disposals

Buyer Considerations

With each of the following questions, ask yourself “Continuous or Batch Feed” disposal. Each question is designed to make you think about what your specific needs are. Then examine the features of each disposal to find the right unit for your needs. Consider the following:

  • Do you want a unit that operates quickly or are you comfortable with taking a few extra measures in the terms of how you set up and power on a unit in order to grind up food waste? These types of garbage disposals power on very differently.


  • Is efficiency something you demand over function in your kitchen? One of these disposers is more efficient than the other.


  • Do you have small children in the home? One of these units is safer than the other.


Continuous Feed Solutions at a Glance

  1. Popular: This unit is the most popular type of garbage disposal at this time.
  2. Ease of use: The unit is super easy to use, so it lends to its popularity.
  3. Operation: Put in food waste and garbage. Power the unit on. The unit grinds up the food waste.
  4. Advantage: You can continue to add more food waste and garbage as the unit is running. What does this mean for you and your kitchen organization and ability to function efficiently? It means ultra fast clean up and kitchen maintenance simplicity!
  5. Perks: Continuous feed disposals are easy to clean and maintain. They are sold with different horsepower motors and grinding stages to minimize the likelihood of a clog.
  6. Cons: Continuous feed options are not without disadvantages too:
  • Continuous feed disposers have filler necks that remain open: This can prove risky if bone shards come out while the unit is in use. This issue can be prevented with a splashguard. The unit can also prove dangerous to small children if they stick their hand into the disposal’s opening.
  • Sometimes these units are sold without a cord and you or a professional will have to hardwire the unit.

Batch Feed Solutions at a Glance

Batch feed VS Continuous Feed Disposals

  1. Popularity: Not as popular as the continuous feed units where you just keep pushing waste into the disposer.


  1. Ease of use: More complicated than the continuous feed as the latter simply starts up with the flip of a switch.


  1. Operation: The way you turn on a batch feed unit differs from a continuous feed unit. With a batch feed, you have to put a stopper into the unit’s opening and then you must turn it. A stopper triggers the switch that gets the disposal running. The downside to this is that you have to put the garbage into the disposal before turning it on. When considering conveniences, the continuous feed garbage disposal wins hands down!


  1. Perks: What batch feed disposals loss in their convenience of use; they gain in safety and other advantages:


  • This type of garbage disposer’s stopper is sure to keep undesirable items from falling into the disposer. It can also keep small children’s hands out of the disposer, so these units prove safer than the continuous feed counterparts. Definitely a unit ideal for a home with small children.


  • Batch feed disposers usually come sold with a cord so you just plug it in to use it.

Top Notch Disposals

To find out the fantastic features associated with the best of the best when it comes to food waste disposers, check out our individual reviews for all of the following units:

There are a number of top-notch garbage disposals on the market today. These units are well made, durable, compactly designed, and are economically priced. You will also find that all of the leading garbage disposals on the market have one thing in common: They are ALL Continuous feed garbage disposals!

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