General Electric GFC525V Review

Are you looking for a reasonably priced garbage disposal to rid yourself of food waste? Seeking a green way to deal with food waste in your home? Want a garbage disposal that’s efficient and simple to use? Then it’s time to check out the GFC525V by GE. The GE GFC525V is a continuous feed disposal, so it is efficient in terms of the speed in which you can get rid of food waste. You don’t have to stop and load the disposal like you do with a batch feed device. What’s more, the price of the GE GFC525V is stellar and clearly beneficial to anyone in need of a disposer who also has a restricted budget. Additional highlights include:

  • Heavy-duty magnet motor with 1/2 hp ensuring decent grinding power.
  • A splash guard is included to help minimize mess and noise.
  • The unit’s EZ Mount installation makes for a quick connection underneath the kitchen sink.
  • Anti-jam grinding blades help minimize potential clogs.

For more information on the specs of this product, review the following spec sheet. 

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The GE GFC525V has a large capacity and it has enough power to grind up food into smaller particles so that it be passed through the disposer, down the drain, and into the septic tank. The GE GFC525V has a dual level pre-cutter to make grinding easier. Dual swivel impellers made of durable, non-corrosive stainless steel grind up food waste instantly. The non-corrosive parts lend the longevity of the garbage disposal too.

Size & Power / Noise

The unit is insulated so you get a quieter operation. A splash guard comes with the unit that also leads in muffling sound. The unit is jam resistant so again you can anticipate less noise during the operation of the disposal. The garbage disposal is 5.19” x 5.5” by 12.69.” The compact size ensures a good fit in a tight under sink area. The unit is 9 pounds so you should have little trouble installing the unit as a solo do it yourself task.


Feed & Grinder

The GE GFC525V has a motor offering 1/2 hp which gives it more power than a unit with 1/3 hp and therefore has better-grinding potential. The dual pre-cut levels help to grind up the food before the final grinding stage and therefore makes for ease of pulverizing the food as well as for jam prevention.

Pros of the GE GFC525V 

  • To operate the unit you’ll have to remove the sink stopper and turn on the cold water before you power on the disposal. Once on, you can feed in the food waste continuously.
  • You can connect a dishwasher to the disposal.
  • The GE GFC525V is sold as a power cord attached unit and a hard-wired unit, so you’ll want to get the correct version for your needs.
  • The Unit comes with Drain Boost Technology: A feature that pushes water down the drain with an angled fin pump to help in minimizing clogs.

Cons of the Unit

  • It does not come with an Allen wrench for clogs.
  • You may have to adjust the hoses/plumbing to fit the unit to your sink.
  • Sometimes the water can drain through the unit a bit on the slow side: This is likely due to the Drain Boost Technology.

Do’s / Don’ts

  • Review the owner’s manual before you use the disposer.
  • Preview the installation guide before the install.
  • Allow water to continue to run for about a half a minute after food finishes grinding to flush the unit clean.
  • When trying to clear a jam, make sure the power is off first.
  • Since the unit does not come with an Allen wrench, use something with a long wooden handle to clear out jams.
  • Do not put the following products or materials in the unit:


  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Bottle caps
  3. China
  4. Clam shells
  5. Drain cleaners
  6. Glass
  7. Hot grease
  8. Large whole bones
  9. Oyster shells
  10. Plastic
  11. Tin cans
  12. Utensils
  13. Whole corn husks


  • Keep the drain stop
    er in position when you are operating the garbage disposal to help prevent objects from accidentally falling into the unit.
  • Add lemon, lime, apple, or orange peels to the unit and grind them up to give the unit a fresh scent.

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The GE GFC525V is a top of the line disposal unit in terms of features and price. If you want an efficient disposal with a powerful grind and one that is quiet during operation, the GE GFC525V definitely delivers. For more details about the top disposals on the market, please check our homepage.  We hope you find our General Electric GFC525V review useful.

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