Kitchen Aid KCDB250G Review

Are you budget conscious, on a strict budget, and in need of a high-quality food waste disposer? The Kitchen Aid KCDB250G is a super inexpensive garbage disposal. The unit gets five stars when it comes to price and it is the best unit for the budget conscious shopper. The 1/2 hp motor gives the unit the ability to grind up light food waste, and the continuous feed ensures a speedy operation and waste disposal. Additional highlights include:


  • A 1725-RPM motor for extra grinding power.
  • Manual reset to reset the model in the event of a jam or overheating
  • Electrical switch connection for direct connection to wiring and switch.
  • Hardwired unit: no power cord connection.
  • Anti-noise insulated.

For more information on the specs of this product, review the following use and care guide.

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The Kitchen Aid KCDB250G is a pretty heavy unit, weighing in at a full 13 pounds. It has a bulkier design than alternative disposals on the market. A power cord is not included. The KCDB250G has a food cover, but it is not necessary to have it in place in order for the device to work. The unit comes with the option of connecting it to a dishwasher appliance. The KCDB250G is the most economical disposal choice by Kitchen Aid, but you will have to settle for a device that has a considerable noise output. This unit measures 14.6” x 7.5” x 7.4”.

Size & Power / Noise

The Kitchen Aid KCDB250G is small enough to fit under the kitchen sink, but it is still a bit on the bulky side with its weighing in at 13 pounds. The inclusion of a polystyrene barrier ensures the unit has anti-noise insulation fitted just above the noisy grinding chamber. The unit fits nicely beneath the kitchen sink and features a solid mount that limits the amount of vibration noise the unit produces. Still, even with such features in place, the KCDB250G can prove considerably noisy. You might find yourself willing to overlook a bit of noise, but only if you find all time low price impressive enough to do so.

Feed & Grinder

The interior of the unit houses a rapidly rotating motor offering up decent grinding power. The unit has a reset overload button you can set manually. The unit is sold with a stainless steel mount so it matches the color of most sinks. You can knock out a plug in the unit’s adapter in order to connect the disposal to your dishwashers’ drain hose, which is positioned slightly above the garbage disposal drain.

Pros of the Kitchen Aid KCDB250G

  • The unit is affordable.
  • The unit offers enough grinding power to dispose of food waste easily.
  • The continuous feed feature allows for ease of use and quick disposal of waste.
  • The disposal has a reset button for safety and for use if the unit overheats.

Cons of the Unit

  • The grinding parts are not the preferred quality of stainless steel metal: Instead, the parts are made of galvanized steel.
  • The unit only comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The Kitchen Aid KCDB250G makes a considerable amount of noise, even with the inclusion of sound insulation.
  • Weighs 13 pounds so it is difficult to install alone and takes up more under-sink space.
  • No cord comes with the unit so you have to buy one separately or hard wire the unit.

Do’s / Don’ts

  1. Read through the installation guide before beginning the installation.
  2. Have someone assist you with the installation to make the install a bit easier for you. Bear in mind the unit is heavier than most on the market today.
  3. Gather all your necessary tools for the installation.
  4. Grind up lemon or orange peels to freshen up the unit on occasion.
  5. Do not grind metal, glass, shells, or large bones in the Kitchen Aid KCDB250G.
  6. Run cold water when you have the unit running. When you are finished grinding waste, run cold water for an additional 25 seconds to clear the drain and unit.
  7. Use a wooden spoon or a broom handle to clear jams when it becomes necessary to do so.

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The Kitchen Aid KCDB250G is a highly affordable disposal appliance and its pricing is its most attractive feature. The second most attractive feature is the unit has sufficient grind, but you compromise a bit because there is poor sound quality with the unit. If you are willing to compromise function for form so to speak and deal with some sound annoyance, then the KCB250G will serve your needs. For better sound control and improved features, you will want to opt for a better unit on the market. For more information on the top disposals, visit our ultimate guide pageWe hope you find our Kitchen Aid KCDB250G review useful.

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