Moen GX50C Review

Are you looking for a compact and efficient garbage disposal for your kitchen? Are you tired of having to spend hours to install a new garbage disposal, or to replace your old one? The Moen GX50C 1/2 HP disposer is a lightweight and compact garbage disposer capable of delivering great grinding performance without producing a lot of noise. This disposer comes with a thick sound deadening insulation that will block most of the noise the motor produces. Other highlights of this disposal unit include:

  • Easy installation feature that matches most of the existing 3-bolt mounting assemblies, including those used by some of the competitors.
  • 2600 RPM permanent magnet motor that reaches its maximum speed instantly
  • Pre-installed power cord for an easier and quicker installation.
  • Stainless steel components capable of withstanding corrosion for a better performance and a better durability.
  • 4-year warranty with in-home service.

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The Moen GX50C is small enough to fit under any kitchen sink, including the undermount models. This garbage disposal model measures 7.5 x 7.5 x 16 in. and weighs just over 9 lbs. The exterior housing is made out of a durable plastic material, and most people will be able to install this unit by themselves thanks to the Xpress Mount feature. This feature allows the GX50C to be mounted on most of the existing 3-bolt mounting assemblies. If you already have a mounting assembly installed, all you have to do is twist your old unit off and twist the new one in its place. The disposer also comes with a new mounting assembly if you need it.

Size & Power / Noise

The Moen GX50C uses a 1/2 HP motor. The motor is capable of producing up to 2,600 RPM, providing a good grinding power. One of the advantages of using this model is that the motor starts directly at top speed, without rotating at slower speeds first. This will produce a better grinding and reduce jams. This model comes with a thick sound deadening shield, so most of the sound the motor produces will be blocked, ensuring a silent operation. However, the unit can produce more sound if the mounting assembly allows it to vibrate, so make sure you install the new assembly the disposal comes with if your old one is not fixed well in place.

Feed & Grinder

If you’re sick and tired of having your garbage disposal block and jam every time you try to feed it more food scraps, then the Moen GX50C is the right model for you. Unlike the disposals produced by the competition, Moen’s motors start at their maximum speed, so jams will be fewer. You can actually bypass jams altogether if you don’t stuff the feeder with food waste. The grinder is made out of galvanized steel, so it’s durable and corrosion-resistant. This garbage disposal is built to last.

Pros Of The Moen GX50C

  • The Moen GX50C is a powerful and durable garbage disposal unit. Even though the 1/2 HP motor is not one of the largest ones this company produces, the fact that it starts at its top speed is a major advantage. This feature allows the disposer to grind all the food you feed it quickly, so you will experience fewer jams and blocks.
  • This disposal comes with a 4-year in-home limited warranty. This means that if you have a problem with the unit, a professional will come and fix it without any extra fees.
  • The SoundShield technology Moen uses on their garbage disposal units is really efficient, and it will block most of the noise the motor produces. This is an advantage, especially if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen.

Cons Of The Unit

  • The Moen GX50C is easy to install, but you might have to have a professional install it if you want to benefit from the 4-year in-home warranty. Make sure you check with the manufacturer to see if this policy applies in your area before buying this unit.
  • Keep in mind that some of the old plumbing you used for your previous disposal might not fit this one, even if you previously used a Moen.
  • This unit comes with a power cord, so you’ll have to remove it if you want to hardwire it.

Do’s / Don’ts

  • Make sure you read the instruction manual before you start installing this unit
  • If you’re not used to doing things around the house, it might be better to contact a professional to handle the installation. This can also apply if you want to benefit from the in-home warranty service.
  • This disposal is rarely jammed, but if it is, it doesn’t come with an Allen socket to unclog it. You should use the reset button on its side instead.

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 The Moen GX50C is a good garbage disposal, and it will offer a great value for your investment. The Moen motor starts at its maximum speed of 2,600 RPM so it offers a higher grinding speed than other models with the same motor power. This extra speed provides more grinding power, and the fact that it instantly reaches the speed stops it from jamming. While this disposer cannot be considered silent, it produces less noise than other models of similar power, and it won’t interfere with your regular activities. We hope this review provided enough information so you can decide if this model is the right one for your kitchen.

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