Moen GXS75C Review

Are you looking for a powerful garbage disposal for everyday use? Is having a silent and efficient unit important for you? Well, we have good new for you. Moen developed a model with these features in mind. The Moen GXS75C is smaller and more compact than other models of similar power, so you won’t have any problems fitting it under your sink, even if you use a undermount kitchen sink. This garbage disposal model will produce 2,700 RPM of grinding power to dispose of your kitchen waste, and the sound deadening technology it uses makes it perfect for every household. Here are some other things you should know about this model:

  • The universal Xpress mount feature allows you to install this model on most of the existing 3-bolt mounting assemblies.
  • The continuous feed operating mode breaks down kitchen scraps as long as the disposer is powered on
  • The 2,700 RPM motor reaches its top speed instantly, so it jams rarely.

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The Moen GXS75C is small enough to fit under your kitchen sink. This unit measures 9.7 x 9.7 x 14.9 inches and weighs 13.2 lbs. You will be able to install this unit by yourself, thanks to the Xpress Mount easy installation feature. If you’re replacing your old unit and it also used a 3-bolt mounting assembly, chances are this model can be installed on the existing assembly without any modifications. If this is your first garbage disposal system, you can install this unit using the mounting components it comes with.


Size & Power / Noise

This disposal uses a 3/4 HP motor. The motor is capable of producing 2,700 RPM, and it reaches its top speed instantly after you turn it on, just like a power tool. This feature allows the garbage disposer to grind through the food waste as soon as you feed it, so it won’t get jammed. The high speed allows this disposal model to grind through tougher foods. Even though this is a powerful disposal, it’s also silent. The thick SoundShield Moen uses blocks most of the noise produced by the motor, so this unit will actually make less noise than other smaller and less powerful models.

Feed & Grinder

This model uses a continuous operating mode, so it will grind through everything you put in it as long as it’s powered. Like all the other garbage disposal models Moen produces, the GXS75C uses a permanent magnet motor that is capable of reaching its top speed of 2,700 RPM as soon as you turn it on. This will help the disposal finely grind the food scraps quickly, reducing the number of jams you’ll experience. The grinder has a galvanized steel construction, and it’s corrosion resistant and durable.

Moen GXS75CPros Of The Moen GXS75C

  •  The Moen GXS75C uses a 3/4 HP motor. This is one of the most frequently professionally recommended motor sizes for medium to large households, and it can handle soft and even some tough food scraps.
  • This unit comes with a 5-year in-home warranty. You don’t have to worry about the disposal breaking down. If it does, a licensed professional will come to repair it, free of charge.
  • The SoundShield technology Moen uses to block the sound produced by this model’s motor is one of the best available. This disposer is less noisy than other smaller models, so it will be a good choice for most households.

Cons Of The Moen GXS75C

  • This disposal comes with a pre-installed power cord, so if you want to hardwire it, you will have to remove the cord.
  • The powerful 3/4 HP motor can cause the whole unit to vibrate, so you have to make sure the disposal stays put after you install it if you want a silent grinding experience.

Do’s / Don’ts

  • Read the instructions manual the product comes with before you begin the installation
  • If you don’t know how to install the disposal after reading the instructions, contact a professional to ensure you don’t void the warranty.
  • Make sure the 3-bolt mounting assembly is firmly locked in place before you install the unit. If the assembly is moving even slightly it will make a lot of noise when the unit starts working.

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The Moen GXS75C is one of the most efficient garbage disposal units available on the market. With a motor of 3/4 HP capable of reaching a grinding speed of 2,700 RPM, the GXS75C is capable of grinding even some tough food scraps, like chicken or thin pig bones. If you like to cook, but you also care about the environment and you want to limit the amount of garbage you produce, this is one of the best disposal models you can buy today. We hope you found out all you needed to know about this model from this review, but if you’re still not sure if this is the right disposal for you, check our other reviews.

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