Premier 143053 Horsepower Review

In the market for a new disposer?  Not willing to spend a fortune to get one?  Head for the Premier model 142053: This unit is a decent food disposal for the money. The Premier 143053 disposer is an entry level garbage disposal and is best for you if you want to save money on your initial disposal investment. While it’s certainly not the top of the line when it comes to garbage disposals, it makes for a decent entry to mid-level priced compromise. Highlights of the unit include:


  • The unit comes complete with a Quick-Lock mounting system so you can remove your old disposal and simply attaché the new quickly and efficiently.
  • The Anti-splash baffle helps to keep the unit quieter when it is in operation. The anti-splash features ensure a better time when controlling the mess sometimes associated with food waste disposal.
  • A continuous feed feature ensures your ability to dispose of food quickly.
  • The motor in the Premier 143053 is dependable and serves up a sufficient amount of grind power to pulverize food waste.
  • The grind chamber is made of a non-metallic material to ensure its non-corrosive properties and longevity.
  • 1/3 horsepower motor giving the unit more power than a unit offering only ½ hp so it has greater grinding power.
  • Comes with a one-year product warranty.


For more information on the specs of this product, review the following spec sheet.


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The Premier 143053 is light weighing in at 11.9 pounds. The compact unit is easy to squeeze under a tight under skin area as it measures 11.4 inches from top to the bottom of the unit, 6.3 inches from left to right, and 6.3 inches from front to back. It is absent of a power cord, so you’ll have to hard wire the disposal or buy the cord separately. The disposal features a reset button located at the bottom of the unit in case you are forced to deal with any jams or unit overheating. There’s a hole in the unit allowing for the insert of an allen wrench to free up jams when necessary. There is a drain port for dishwasher connectivity.

Size & Power / Noise

As mentioned earlier, this disposer has a compact size great for tight under sink areas, however, the unit does weigh over ten pounds. If you are installing it alone, the weight may give you a bit of trouble. If you install it with someone else, the weight should not prove an issue. The 1/3 hp motor definitely gives the unit some grinding power, but it will also up the noise output of the unit as well. Even thought the Premier 143053 has a silencing sink baffle, it is far from completely silent during its operation.

Feed & Grinder

The Premier 143053 has a grinding chamber made of non-corrosive materials, and the motor delivers sufficient power to grind food to a point where clogging can be avoided the majority of the time. You can use the disposer to grind up nuts, eggshells, shells, fish, meat, and small bones.

Pros of the Premier 143053

  • The Premier 143053 garbage disposer allows for an easy installation because of its Quick Mount feature.
  • The installation takes only four steps to complete.
  • It has a compact design so it fits under a tight under sink area.
  • Offers a holistic, environmentally friendly approach to food waste management.


Cons of the Unit

  • If the disposal jams, you need a 1/4″ Hex wrench to clear the jam. The wrench is not included with the unit.
  • The weight of the disposal is on the heavy side, so you may need another person to assist you with the installation.

Do’s / Don’ts

  • Do not put anything plastic, glass, or metal in the disposer, it will ruin the unit.
  • Go sparingly when grinding up leafy vegetables and fibrous veggies, and only grind up a little at a time to prevent a clog.
  • On occasion, grind up lemon, orange, lime, or even apple peels to freshen up the smell of the disposer.
  • Run cold water into the disposer while operating it: This helps to flush the pulverized waste away.
  • Do not put caustic chemicals, like drain cleaners into the garbage disposal.
  • Do not pour hot grease into the unit.
  • Read the entire installation guide before you proceed with the installation of the garbage disposal.

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For the budget conscious, the Premier 143053 1/3 Horsepower Food Waste Disposer is a fair good investment. The 1/3 hp motor will contribute to producing a considerable, but tolerable sound output. Ultimately, the Premier 143053 is affordable, and a decent choice for a garbage disposal when you consider the ease of install and the price. You can find more information on the leading garbage disposers on our homepage.

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