Waste King 9910 Review

In the market for a high-quality garbage disposal?  Seeking a green way to manage food waste?  Waste King makes disposals that will certainly meet your needs. For example, the Waste King 9910 Legend Series is a good disposal if you are budget conscious and looking for a disposer fitted with entry-level pricing. The 1/3 hp motor is high speed and therefore makes it easy for the disposal to pulverize food waste. Additional highlights include:


  • A generous and lengthy in-home product warranty, which is a clear and unequivocal indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.
  • Comes with a 36-inch power cord for ease of connectivity.
  • High Speed 1/3 HP 1900 RPM motor for extra grind power.
  • Corrosion free parts to ensure the unit’s longevity.
  • Can mount to competitors’ flanges for ultra ease of connectivity.


For more information on the specs of this product, review the following spec sheet.


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The Waste King 9910 is a continuous feed disposal, meaning you can continue to feed in waste while the unit is operating. This means you can grind up waste faster and more efficiently than you would if you had a batch feed disposal. The design of the disposer comes with a three-bolt connection with a mount system for ease of connecting the device to the bottom of the kitchen sink. An overload protector comes with the device: It is a manual reset button you can use in the event the unit ever clogs or overheats.

Size & Power / Noise

The unit is a bit on the heavy side, as it weighs 10.2 pounds. It measures 9” x 9” x 14.3” so it will easily fit in a tight under sink area. The unit is on the quiet side when it is running and not grinding difficult to grind food waste like nuts or small bones. The more difficult the waste is to grind, the louder the unit will sound when it operates.

Feed & Grinder

The Waste King 9910’s has a 1/3 hp motor which definitely gives sufficient grinding power. The parts are corrosion-free to ensure durability. The grind chamber’s non-corrosive materials also lead to the longevity of the unit. It is powerful enough to digest food waste and scraps, provided you put the food into the continuous feed disposal in moderate amounts. Overloading the disposal unit can cause it to jam up. You will need to make a practice of grinding up smaller portions of waste to ensure the smooth and easy operation of the 9910.

Pros of the Waste King 9910

  • Relatively easy installation if you have more than one person doing the job.
  • The price of the Waste King 9910 is within reason and great for the budget conscious.
  • The unit is relatively quiet when it comes to food waste disposal operation.
  • Comes with a two year in home warranty.


Cons of the Unit

  • You will need at least two people to install the garbage disposal.
  • There is a bit of difficulty in getting the seal the top piece of the unit and the remaining portion of the disposer beneath the sink.
  • Putting too much waste in the unit at one time may clog the disposal.
  • The unit connects to competitor’s connections: This makes it easy to swap out the old disposal, no matter what brand, for the new Waste King 9910.


Do’s / Don’ts

  • Read the full installation manual before you begin the product install.
  • Gather any necessary tools before you begin the process of installation.
  • For ease of connectivity, have someone hold the unit into position so you can connect it to the bottom of the sink.
  • Do not grind plastics, metals, or glass in the garbage disposer.
  • Run cold water while operating the unit to ensure the free flow of food waste down the drain.
  • Grind up free lemon, lime, orange, or apple peels in order to freshen up the scent of the disposer.
  • Does not use drain cleaners in the disposer.
  • Knock out the included plug to connect the dishwasher to the disposer.

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The Waste King 9910 is a fairly good investment for the budget conscious and those who are seeking a disposer of decent quality to have in the home. The only issues you might face with the unit include a bit of a struggle during the installation, due to the weight of the unit, and clogging if you overfeed the disposal when in use.  Otherwise, the 9910 is a worthy investment. If you already have this tool and looking for some help, check Repair Clinic.

We hope you find our Waste King 9910 review useful.

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