Waste King 9930 Review

Are you in need of a garbage disposal that features a compact design? Are you looking for a unit that won’t cost you a small fortune to buy or maintain? The most common concerns when buying a garbage disposal related to ease of installation, the level of noise the unit produces, and the cost. Thankfully, there are many units you can choose from so finding one to suit your needs should be as easy as a bit of research. Here we’ll explore the myriad benefits associated with a disposal like the Waste King Legend Series models. The Waste King 9930 Legend Series is an entry-level unit with an extremely reasonable price tag. The compact garbage disposal is perfect if you need a space saving unit too. Additional features of the unit include:

  • 1/2 horsepower motor lending to the disposal’s grinding power.
  • A three bolt mount that connects the disposal to the sink with added security.
  • Rust free, corrosion free, stainless steel parts so the device will last for years to come.
  • A vortex powered motor that helps power the grind and pulverize food waste.

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The Silver-colored exterior of the garbage disposal looks sleek and ultramodern, which is a nice feature, but usually, you’ll be the only one who really sees the unit. The unit weighs just over 10 pound and measures 9” x 9” x 14.3”, so it will easily slip into the cramped space just below your kitchen sink. The compact, light design makes for easy do it yourself install too. The grind chamber is stainless steel so you can anticipate the ability to use the unit for years to come. The garbage disposal comes complete with a lifetime corrosion warranty. The device comes with a knock up plug so you can connect the garbage disposal to a dishwasher if you own one. A reset button is available should the unit stop working, or if you end up with a jam that needs to be cleared.

Size & Power / Noise

The Waste King 9930 Legend Series is a bit on the noisy side. Even with the hush cushion (splash guard) and the sound insulation in the unit, the noise is considerable. Many of the interior components are stainless steel, and the three-mount connection is not as quiet as the EZ Mount System. When compared to more expensive units, the 9930 Legend Series could definitely offer a quieter operation.

Feed & Grinder

The unit is a continuous feed garbage disposal. Unlike using a batch feed unit, there’s no waiting involved in using a continuous feed. You can simply put the biodegradable food waste right into the unit when it is running and let it get pulverized immediately. The motor in this device certainly offers enough power for a sufficient grind.

Pros of the Waste King 9930 Legend Series

  • The Waste King 9930 has an economical price tag.
  • The disposer has a convenient and compact design.
  • Three bolt mount ensures study connection to the kitchen sink.
  • The instructions for installation are fairly easy to follow.

Cons of the Unit

  • You have to run cold water when using the unit and it drains slowly.
  • The splashguard is not removable and therefore, might complicate cleaning the unit.
  • The splashguard is what prevents the water from draining quickly.
  • More expensive units offer more powerful grind and a quieter operation.
  • The amount of attention paid to the unit’s attractive exterior would have been better paid to making it offer a quiet operation.

Do’s / Don’ts

  • Use the unit regularly to prevent it from seizing.
  • Grind up small vegetables, small bones, and non-fibrous biodegradable foods.
  • Do not grind up non-food items.
  • Run the cold water when using the unit.
  • Don’t pour hot oil or grease down the disposal. It will eventually clog the unit.
  • Read the instructions before installing the unit.
  • Gather any tools you’ll need before the install.
  • If you are unsure how to install the unit, you should contact a professional so you don’t void the warranty.

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The Waste King 9930 Legend Series is an ideal unit if your top concern is how much you are going to spend. If however, you hold quality, noise control, construction, and design as higher in importance over price, you may want to consider more expensive Waste King units for purchase. While this garbage disposal has noise-reducing features in place, it still proves quite noisy when in use. Quieter units are available from units offering more horsepower, more powerful motors, and anti-vibration features. To find out more about some of the leading garbage disposals you can choose from, and how to choose a quality disposal, please read our Ultimate Guide. Hope you find our Waste King 9930 review useful.

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