Waste King 9980 Review

If you appreciate the convenience of your under sink garbage disposal gives you and you need to replace it, you’ll find some of the newest models by Waste King are reasonable replacements. Disposers like the Waste King 9980 are a good selection if your primary concern in sticking with a low or entry level to mid level price range. This same unit has decent grinding power, but it is not necessarily the most quiet food disposer on the market. Still, when affordability is the chief factor, the Waste King 9980 is worth your consideration. Some highlights of the unit include:


  • A 2800-RPM high-speed motor that gives the unit enough power to grind up food with reasonable speed and consistency.
  • The unit is practical if you want a disposer that is going to last you a while too, as the grinding parts are made of corrosion free material.
  • The easy installation makes the 9980 a good choice for the do it yourselfer with minimal plumbing knowledge.
  • The inclusion of sound insulation helps to reduce some of the noise level associated with this unit.

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The small, compact design of the Waste King 9980 helps in making it easier to install. It weighs just over 14 pounds. The unit itself measures 9.8” x 9.8” x 17.5” in all. This made in the USA garbage disposer. Like most of the Waste King disposers, the 9980 model has the stainless steel exterior with red and silver labeling, and a black colored connector on the top of the disposer. The unit is sold with a 90-degree elbow that is on the side of the unit. The elbow hooks directly to a waste line.

Size & Power / Noise

The 9980 has a relatively quiet operation, but it is by no means silent. Even with sound insulation, the unit is noisy. The noise level is within reason, especially considering we are talking about a garbage disposal that can grind up tough food waste and small animal bones. Some sound emanates from the unit, and the noise tends to increase when there is a greater amount of waste in the disposer or when the food waste is mildly difficult to grind. A loud click can be heard whenever the motor engages for the first time: This along can prove annoying if you happen to be particularly noise sensitive.

Feed & Grinder

With the 2800 RMP high-speed motor powering the 9980, you get sufficient grind power. You can grind up stringy foods and even onionskins, which are common items known to clog up most units. The rust free parts definitely ensure the disposer’s longevity. The continuous feed action makes depositing food waste simple, but if you do go to fast, the unit may clog, especially if you are disposing of fibrous food matter.

Pros of the Waste King 9980

  • It is possible to install the unit by yourself as a solo project. The installation can take one to two hours, depending on the complexity of your under skin hookup.
  • The three-bolt connection makes for a tight fit between the bottom of the sink and the upper portion of the disposer.
  • The installation guide that comes with the unit is comprehensive and easy to understand.
  • The affordability of the unit makes it a good choice for the budget conscious.

Cons of the Unit

  • If you take on the installation alone, it can be a bit cumbersome. It can also take longer to complete the installation. The primary issue is that while the unit is lightweight, it is still a bit heavy for one person to hold into position while attaching the unit.


  • The 9980 makes a loud, potentially annoying, clanking noise when the unit first engages.
  • If you have a cast iron sink that features a foreign design, you may need an adapter to make the unit fit correctly.
  • Sometimes food matter is caught up on the cutting wheel’s center and it will sit there without going down into the grinding chamber. When this happens, the unit has to be shut down, and you will need to unclog the unit.

Do’s / Don’ts

  1. If you install the unit by yourself, use a scissor jack to hold the unit in place while you make the connection.
  1. Lubricate the inside of the unit as directed by using liquid dish soap.
  2. Test all the seals by running hot water through the unit to ensure there are no leaks.

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The 9980 is not necessarily the top of the line garbage disposal, but it will suit those who are looking to save on cash. An investment in the 9980 requires a bit of compromise, as you will have to adjust to the noise the unit produces. The disposer has a powerful grinder but is occasionally prone to clogging. You can find more information on our homepage for the top disposers on the market. We hope you find our Waste King 9980 review useful.

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