Waste King A1SPC Knight Review

Are you looking for a top of the line garbage disposal for your home? Will you settle for nothing less than the very best? Want a unit that’s ultra quiet and that grinds through waste with incredible ease? The A1SP Knight might be perfect for you. Waste King A1SPC Knight is an upper-level unit, and with its higher price tag, you can anticipate a higher level of function and design. To that end, Waste King does not disappoint. The Waste King A1SPC Knight has a powerful motor so it grinds up waste products with amazing ease. The device is equipped with a Snap and Lock mounts making the unit interchangeable with most existing garbage disposals, and the sound proofing features in this unit are equivalent to those used in music studios that are sound proofed. Additional highlights include:

  • Comes with power cord for ease of connectivity.
  • Full armor plating ensures the longevity and durability of the device.
  • Industrial sound insulation makes certain the unit is quiet.
  • The universal mount makes for ultra easy installationinstallation.
  • One pass grind technology means only a single pass of the impellers is need to pulverize food waste.
  • Lifetime warranty allows you to buy with confidence.

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The Waste King A1SPC Knight weighs just over 18 pounds, so you may want to have a bit of assistance as you attempt to install the unit. The exterior of the device is average in size, so you should have no trouble getting it to fit under your kitchen sink. The unit measures 8.8” x 8.8” x 15” in all. The entire unit is made out of mostly metal, with a few plastic and rubber pieces.

Size & Power / Noise

When you are operating the Waste King A1SPC Knight, you’ll see the unit is very quiet. Stainless steel grinding parts are insulated to ensure quiet operation. When you first power on the unit you will hear a loud clicking noise, but that stops once the unit is running. By comparison, you’ll find the King A1SPC Knight quieter than other garbage disposal models. In some cases, the unit proves 50% quieter than older models.

Feed & Grinder

Glass filled nylon chamber guarantees the chamber will not corrode. The unit is energy efficient. Power on the A1SPC and the unit winds up quickly so it’s ready for powerful grinding action. The motor spins at 2800 RMP so its fast action pulverizes the food waste put into it near instantaneously.

Pros of the Waste King A1SPC Knight

  • As the disposal is running, you’ll be able to add the waste to the unit. The continuous feed of the device allows for swift, mess free, jam free disposal of your waste. The A1SPC has swivel impellers made out of stainless steel, which help minimize the likelihood of a jam.
  • The 36-inch power cord the unit comes with is long enough to easily reach any under-sink outlet.
  • The unit comes with a lifetime warranty on mechanical and material parts. The warranty covers of home repair if required.
  • When you are replacing your old unit, you can use the mounting bracket and sink flange from the existing garbage disposal when installing the Waste King A1SPC.
  • The unit is an exclusive creation for Amazon.

Cons of the Unit

  • The black rubber food guard is a bit unsightly and it is not removable.
  • The rubber food guard has a tendency to slow the flow of water into and out the unit.
  • The price of the unit may not appeal to every consumer.
  • The unit can jam and it can prove difficult to clean

Do’s / Don’ts

  • Read through the installation manual before the attempt to install the unit.
  • If you are unsure how to install it, have a professional do it for you.
  • Gather any necessary tools for the installation before you begin.
  • Never put your hands inside the unit.
  • Clean the unit regularly by using ice cubes in the garbage disposal.
  • Freshen up the unit by grinding lime, lemon, or orange peels once in a while.
  • Run water when using the unit to help wash food waste down the drain and through the unit.
  • Run the garbage disposal on a regular basis to prevent seizure of the parts inside the unit.

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Amazon and Waste King have successfully come together to bring to consumers the Waste King A1SPC Knight: A unit that has an exclusive design and a powerful grind. For the consumer who wants nothing but the best and who demands a unit capable of pulverizing waste all while offering a silent operation, the Waste King A1SPC Knight definitely delivers. We hope you find our Waste King A1SPC Knight review useful.

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