Waste King L-2600 Review

Do you want a to install in your home kitchen? Are you tired of cleaning out clogs, hearing awful noises from your disposal, or trying to rescue your silverware from being destroyed? Consider the Waste King L-2600 garbage disposal for your next investment! The unit is part of the manufacturer’s EZ Mound Legend Series originally manufactured as a replacement for the Waste King SS 2600. You’ll be pleased to find the disposal has enough power to grind up the waste with considerable ease. Additional highlights include:

  • 1/2 hp motor with a speed of 2600 RPM gives the unit plenty of power to grind up food fast.
  • Comes with the power cord for ease of connectivity.
  • Consumes less energy than that of a 60-watt light bulb.
  • Front mounted reset button for ease of resetting the unit when necessary.


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Do you need a garbage disposal with a space saving design? The Waste King L-2600 Legend Series 1/2 HP disposal has an ultra-compact, space-saving design perfect for the tight area below your kitchen sink. Of course, the compact exterior doesn’t give away the fact that inside the unit are some super powerful stainless steel grinders at the ready to tear up food scraps and waste! A good investment too, since the Waste King L-2600 will last you for years to come. It has corrosion proof parts to ensure its durability.

Size & Power / Noise

What you’ll find with a garbage disposal like the L-2600 is that the superior parts make certain that you get a quieter operation. The powerful motor and insulated grinding parts give you a garbage disposal that’s quiet when it’s running. When it comes to its design, you’ll find the disposal is light and compact, so it will fit easily into the tight space beneath a sink. The EZ Mount install means a quick swap out from the old to the new.

Feed & Grinder

You get a lot of power for every pound when it comes to this waste disposal unit. The power comes from the permanent magnet motor capable of grinding up waste with great ease. If environmentally friendly features are a concern, you’ll appreciate the fact that the L-2600 is energy efficient. The unit only needs 4.5 current amps, 60 Hertz, and 115 Volts to operate. Finally, if you’re not one who likes much of a mess in the kitchen, you’ll love the smooth operation of the L-2600. You get a disposal that has mess and jam free continuous feed functions.

Pros of the L-2600

  • Affordability: The entry-level price makes will definitely please your wallet!
  • Environmentally friendly: It reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfills. It eliminates issues where wild animals might get into the waste products and get sick from them.
  • Simple Installation: The EZ Mount system ensures super fast installation. All the hardware you need to install the unit comes with the disposal. A simple install is a Do-It-Yourselfer’s dream!
  • Sound Insulation: The Waste King L-2600 Legend Series disposal’s insulation makes for quieter operation when you’ve got it running.
  • Works with Your Septic Tank: You can use the disposal with your tank.

Cons of the L-2600

  • The external shell of the unit is crafted out of plastic rather than metal.
  • The L-2600 has blades with a unique design, and sometimes it can cause the unit to vibrate considerably.
  • The more water going through the unit when you are using it, then the greater the vibration.

Do’s / Don’ts

  • Read the manual before you start the installation. It’s important that you do not skip this step in your eagerness to get the new unit installed. Taking time to get over the installation process will help ensure you have everything you need to do the job.
  • Gather the tools you will need including a Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, hacksaw, plumber’s putty, thread tape, dishwasher connector kit, hammer, pipe wrench, dowel, or steel punch, power cord, and strain relief.
  • If you do not have basic plumbing skills, consider having a professional install the unit for you. Even if it stretches your budget a bit, consider that it can stretch your budget a whole lot more if you break something while attempting to install the disposal.

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In terms of design and durable construction, the Waste King L-2600 definitely makes the grade. In regard to the ease of install and operation, again the L-2600 is an exceptional disposal unit for your home. Its compact design and sound insulation are two of its best features overall. The Waste King L-2600 is durable enough to last for many years to come, so you’ll get plenty of good use out of it! We hope you find our Waste King L-2600 review useful.

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