Waste King Vs InSinkErator

Waste King and InSinkErator are not only some of the best-selling garbage disposer units on Amazon, but they are also some of the best-rated units you’ll find on the market. So, what makes these units great, and most important, which one should you choose? In the following Waste King Vs InSinkErator article, we compare some of their best models and reveal their pros and cons.

Waste King


  • Easy Installation – This company is renowned for the easy installation features they use on their products. Some models, like the L-1001 use the EZ Mount features which simplify the installation process, while others like the 9910 are easy to install because they can connect to the competitor’s connections without any modifications.
  • Great Value – This is one of the most popular reasons people buy Waste King products. While their products may not be the cheapest options, you can always be sure they offer a great value for their price.
  • Compact Design – The designers at Waste King have the knack of producing small and efficient units. Most of their models are more compact than the ones of similar power produced by the competition, so you’ll have no problems fitting them under your sink.
  • Outlet Compatibility – Waste King garbage disposers come with an extension cord and a plug. This will make the installation easier and quicker because you won’t have to hardwire the units into your electrical circuit. However, if you want to hardwire them, you will be able to do so.
  • Top Customer Service – Another great feature of Waste King products is their top customer service. Their experts know everything there is to know about the disposers, and they will always provide good information and services.
Waste King Vs InSinkErator

Waste King 9910 / L 1001


  • Easy Installation Exceptions – Even though most of the products developed by Waste King are easy to install, there are some exceptions. The 9910 is one of those exceptions because you will need at least two people to install it. This may be inconvenient for some customers.
  • Shorter Warranty – Waste King products usually come with a 2-year product warranty. This is a shorter warranty period than that offered by InSinkErator for their products.
  • Prone To Clogging – Because most of the garbage disposers have a compact design, they are more prone to clogging than the models developed by their competitors. This can be easily avoided if you don’t but too much waste in the disposer at once, but it will take you some time to get used to it.
  • Wrench Is Not Included – Some products, like the L-1001, don’t come with wrenches, so you will have a difficult time clearing any jams that might occur.



  •  Long Warranty Period – One of the best features InSinkErator’s garbage disposers is the long warranty period. Most of their products benefit from a 4-year warranty, but some like the Evolution Essential come with a 6-year warranty. Another advantage is that their products usually come with an in-home service warranty, which means that a professional will come to your house hand fix the unit for free. This a great feature, and it’s better than what their competition offers.
  • Good Looking – While InSinkErator’s unit is usually slightly larger than the units developed by Waste King, they are better looking. This should not be a decisive factor when you’re looking for a good garbage disposal unit, but it definitely counts as a plus.
  • Durable – InSinkErator’s products might sometimes be more expensive than their competition’s, but they’re most likely more durable as well. The company uses more high-quality materials than their competition, so most of the moving components will be made out of stainless steel.
  • Energy Efficient – This company develops energy efficient garbage disposal systems. Some of their units, like the Evolution Compact, uses only 4kWh per year.
  • Noise Reducing Technologies – Most of InSinkErator’s garbage disposers have noise reducing features. These features will make them more silent than smaller units developed by the competition.
Waste King Vs InSinkErator

EnSinkErator Evolution Essential & Compact


  • Professional Installation – The single disadvantage of having an in-home warranty is that you have to have the garbage disposer professionally installed. This will lead to an increase in the product’s overall price.
  • No Power Cord – Most of the garbage dispensers developed by InSinkErator are compatible with 120 V outlets. However, they don’t come with a power cord, so you’ll have to buy one separately if you don’t want to hardwire the unit.
  • Vibrations – Some of InSinkErator’s more powerful models, like the Evolution Essential, can make your sink vibrate while they’re working. While this vibration is not powerful enough to harm your sink or plumbing, it can be annoying for some customers.
  • No Wrench Is Provided – InSinkErator’s garbage disposers don’t come with a jam loosening tool, so you might have some difficulties when you try to fix jams.

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