Whirlaway 291 Horsepower Review

Are you on a fixed budget and in need of a new garbage disposal? Does your current garbage disposal make sounds suggesting it’s on its last leg? Then it’s time to have a look at a new unit. One of your options available to you is the Whirlaway 291. Budget wise, the Whirlaway 291 is definitely pleasing: It has a low entry-level price so it will appeal to you if you happen to be a bit tight on funds. The compact design of the unit makes it ideal for anyone who has limited space underneath the kitchen sink or if you are looking to simply maximize the space you do have. The E-Z Mount system promises a fairly quick install too. Additional highlights include:

  • 1/2 hp motor ensuring decent grind power to pulverize food waste.
  • Destroys organic food waste with relative ease.
  • A splashguard prevents messes and minimizes noise.
  • EZ Mount designs for simplicity of connectivity.

For more information on the specs of this product, review the following spec sheet.

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The blades inside the Whirlaway 291 have a side-to-side motion instead of a spinning movement. The side-to-side movement is offered in order to keep jams to a minimum. The Whirlaway is a standard disposal that is less coveted than models like those by Waste King or InSinkErator. The head of the disposal is a standard head so it will connect to the under area of the kitchen sink with ease. The unit must be hard wired. Directly opposite of the location where you hard wire the disposal you will find a reset button that can be used if there is a jam or if the unit ever overheats. A splash guard comes with the disposal. The unit is lightweight, as it weighs 8.7 pounds. It measures 13.7” x 6.1” x 5.9.”

Size & Power / Noise

You can expect this unit to be a bit noisy, even with a splashguard muffling some of the sounds the unit produces. The permanent magnet motor serving up 1/2 hp gives the unit enough power to grind up light food wastes, but this unit is not something that can pulverize a lot of food waste at once. The weight of the unit makes it an easy disposal to install yourself.

Feed & Grinder

The grinder is made of non-corrosive components. The parts will not rust and thereby ensure the longevity of the unit. This disposal is a great choice for light grinding of food waste and light clean ups. A removable splashguard ensures easy clean up and muffled the sound when in operation.

Pros of the Whirlaway 291

  • Compact design ensures it fits easily under the sink.
  • Lightweight makes it easy for a solo install.
  • Mount system makes for an easy connection.
  • One of the most affordable garbage disposals on the market.

Cons of the Unit

  • If anything goes wrong with this unit, you’ll need to remove it from its connection to your sink and take it into a repair shop. There is no in-home service warranty associated with the Whirlaway 291.
  • The unit is a hard-wired disposal, and it does not come with a power cord.
  • The Whirlaway 291 is not as quiet or as powerful as the Waste King models on the market. Interestingly, both brands are made by Anaheim Manufacturing.
  • This unit lacks the power of its full sized garbage disposal cousins.
  • The unit does not come with an Allen wrench for clearing jams.

Do’s / Don’ts

  1. Do not attempt to grind foreign objects, large amounts of food waste or potato peels in the disposal, as it will cause it to jam.
  2. When the item jams, it is often because of the unit’s design and the food waste gets caught between the turntable and lugs inside the unit.
  3. To clear a jam, turn the unit off first. Clear the jam with a wooden spoon or broomstick.
  4. Do not put your hands or fingers inside the unit.
  5. Put the splash guard on the unit after you clear the jam.
  6. To freshen up the unit, grind up apple peel, lemon peel, lime, or orange peels to get a clean scent.
  7. Run cold water when operating the unit.
  8. Continue to let the water run for 25 seconds after grinding up food waste.

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The Whirlaway 291 is a good unit if you are looking for a cheap disposal to install. If you want a real powerhouse of a unit with more impressive features and sound control, opt for a unit by Waste King instead. Otherwise, for the budget conscious, the Whirlaway 291 is a good addition to one’s kitchen for food waste control. For more details about the leading disposals on the market, read  Garbage Disposal ReviewsWe hope you find our Whirlaway 291 Horsepower reviw useful.

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